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Interesting day, good story...

Isn't this just the cutest little picture you've ever seen?!! : )   I love it in spite of Charlotte not smiling! I think I'll change it to B&W and frame it.  So cute.  

Ahem. The title of the post implied a story and a story you shall have. 
I love to hike, but we do not get the chance to do it often enough.  In fact we maybe go 2-3 times a year. But it is a fun activity and I get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Anyway, this past Friday we had the day off and we decided to go hiking.  We wanted to go to a particular mountain that was known to be easy (for adults and 4-year olds!).  We thought it would be easy to get to. Humm, we were wrong.  Brendan punched the mountain name into his IPhone for directions.  The IPhone directions brought us up a mountain, up a very long road that seemed to be going somewhere. It was going somewhere alright...right to a fantastic mansion on top of the mountain!! : )  We quickly and quietly drove back down the mile long driveway!  Then we realized the gas tank light came on.  So, we drove back to civilization and held our breath for 15 min until we were able to find a gas station.  Then we punched said mountain into some NH hiking trail website Brendan found which brought us up the same roads as before but we turned down a different road before going back up that driveway!  Then the IPhone lost service.  We parked where other cars were but for the life of us could not find the hiking trail!  Before we could call anyone for help, the phone died!!  I was determined to hike so I made a game out of trying to find the trail with Cole. It was pretty hilarious.  Then we found ourselves back on the road.  Mercifully, we heard children laughing and someone hiking through the woods. We waited to see where they would emerge.  We stopped to talk with the people and one of the first things they said was "Oh you choose a steep trail for the little ones." That gave me my first clue that we were not on the mountain we wanted to be at.  Then the woman told me they hadn't even made it to the top and they had hiked for 2 hours total!! Oh boy.  So we decided to make the best of it and started off on the trail just making it an adventure for Cole but warning him we weren't going to the top.  He was fine with it.   We looked for bears, we found interesting  plants.  Charlotte would have none of the backpack and that was our stopping point. It really was too steep for her to climb by herself and she did want to do it...ALL...BY...HERSELF!

It is a story to look back on and laugh about.  The kids didn't complain about the lack of hiking that Mommy promised.  I got some great pics so at the end of the day, it is all good. : )

We went to Grammy and Paw-Paws later. Charlotte goes right for the Mardi Gras necklaces! Such a little girl!

I love these pics. Aidyn and Cole were running circles around Charlotte and she couldn't stop laughing!   By the way, Charlotte adores Aidyn!! She says his name over and over again and when he was over, she wanted to show him everything...including her belly which Aidyn was less than impressed with! I love to see the cousins interact and play!


Lisa said...

Your 1st two pictures could totally be portraits!! Who needs expensive Picture People and all the others?!

I love Brendan's double back pack duty! Perhaps when you have your next children (hehe!) you will have twins and he can wear one on the front and one on the back!

SevinStitches said...

Sorry I couldn't make it. I know right where that trail is ;) But, then again, you wouldn't have this wonderful story to tell!

Katrina said...

I love the pictures! They're beautiful!

Sounds like you had a lot of fun-- thanks so much for watching Aidyn for us!! :)