Super Sevins


The Good Kind of Crazy

Prepare yourself for some cuteness overload. I'm sorry, people, but the Sevin children are all adorable.... !

This past Saturday it may have been cold and dreary outside but in Grammy and PawPaw's house it was full of laughter and sunshine!  All five cousins were under one roof and you know what that means....craziness and fun ensue!  I, for one, had an absolute blast!  

We read lots of stories!  Olivia wanted me to read our Wheels on the Bus book again and again! Cole was happy with any book being read!  

Mr. Cameron eventually got tired of reading and decided to put my foot in jail as you can see from this  picture below. He was hilarious!  We had a lot of fun with that and as you can see from the next picture....

Eventually I got tackled by the entire lot of them! You can't see it but I was laughing so hard my sides hurt! You can see Cameron still has my foot "in jail".

After that I needed a break,  so I organized a parade! It lasted all of 15 minutes but the kids thought they were pretty goofy. : )

Aidyn is like, "Hey where is everyone?"

How do you like Cole's moves?! : )

And of course jumping on the couch is always an option!

As is dancing and being goofy (and someone has on new feety pajamas that Mommy just bought! I really do not know why he wanted to wear them but whatever!)

I could not leave out a single one of these pics of Olivia. They are all completely adorable. For about 20 minutes she would say, "Take a picture of me here, doing this, holding that." Such a cutie. (Amanda- I love her dress by the way!!)

And finally settling down to eat some ice cream cones.... 
I love this pic.

And course Olivia said, "Take a picture of me and Charlotte!"

But where's Aidyn?  In the toy box of course!! : )


Lisa said...

So cute!! Such a fun day it looks like!! I love family days!

You are such a hit with kids it is not even funny! You have a gift! They LOVE you!

SevinStitches said...

Thanks for sharing those! Looks like I missed a ton of fun, but so happy my kids were well taken care of :)

Katrina said...

I love these pictures. I'm glad my son is so modest and wanted to keep his muscles under wraps haha.

Dianna said...

I love family days! :)