Super Sevins


TomAto, Tomahto

Well, pre-2009 Kelly used to let her plants die a slow death from lack of watering or over-watering. Then, Lisa and Rob gave me a magic houseplant for Christmas. It requires very little watering and when it appears wilted and done when I forget to water it, if I give it a little drink it pops right back up again in no time! I really think it is magic!  Anyway, it gave me a little gardening mo-jo. : )  We planted tomatoes, strawberries, and jalepano plants in the spring and they are doing wonderfully! Over 3 tomato plants I have 45 tomatoes growing. And they are the size of the tomatoes one would buy in the store so we will be having homemade spaghetti sauce, salsa, and who knows what else for quite some time!  If you want some tomatoes, just ask!  
Oh, I am just so proud of myself. (Thanks to you Mother Nature too!)


Dianna said...

Impressive! I took this summer off, but want to try again next year! Home grown garden veggies are just WAY better!

Lisa said...

Send your garden mo-jo over here because my garden was a big flop this year! one cherry tomato a week just isn't cutting it!