Super Sevins


Just the Facts, Ma'am...

Cole and Charlotte had their well-checks last week!  Both are doing great! 
Cole is now 34 pounds and 40 inches- both in the 50% percentile which is amazing to me (weight wise) because he seems so skinny! : ) But Cole has grown just under 2 inches since we last measured in February!  

My little peanut Charlotte. Only 29 inches tall (5% percentile again!!) and 24 pounds (25% percentile!).  She eats anything still and is super healthy!!  She was born at 18 inches so she is just destined to be short- like her parents! : )


Lisa said...

At the rate Cole is growing he's going to be towering over the two of you by 1st grade!! He's doing something right.. even if it isn't eating all your yummy food!!

Charlotte is the cutest little peanut I've ever seen! Cora goes next week for her 6 month visit... I'm afraid to see her stats in comparison to Charlottes.. she's going to be mammoth!!

Katrina said...

They're so cute and look so proud to be showing off how tall they're growing!