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Apples, Doughnuts, and Friends, Oh my!

This past Saturday we continued our annual tradition with the Schwinns and went Apple Picking at Russell's Orchards in Ipswich, MA.  Now, you might wonder why we would go all the way to Ipswich when we have not one, but three perfectly good apple orchards in our town....

Well, since we used to live in Salem, and we started going to Russell's four years ago (three years with the Schwinns), we just keep going back for the tractor rides, the apples, the cider doughnuts, the experience!!  And always, always, always we just laugh SO much with Robyn and Erich.  I really wished they lived closer to us...sniff, sniff!

But before we left I just had to take a photo of Cole and Charlotte in her little apple outfit. I bought it last year on sale at Gymboree with this very excursion in mind! I also love that I can pull in her hair into pigtails!!   I don't know why I placed them in the shade for this photo but oh well, I am still learning the art of photography!!

We waited in line for the tractor ride (Russell's is a VERY popular place) and I had time to snap photos of these beautiful flowers!!  Of course, my friends (ahem!!) and husband had to make fun of me the entire time I did.

Oh, all of them together!! It was hard to get a photo closer than this with all of the different heights on them! : )

Such little boys these two are. I still cannot believe they are only a day apart in age!

I had to post this again because I love it so much. : )

BFFs and the kiddos...

I love this one of Morgan....  I changed it to B&W too and sent it on to Robyn.  Now, if I just get my butt moving with using Photoshop then I could have made it B&W and kept the apple red!

This photo makes me laugh.  There was a fantastic climbing tree at the playground area. All of the older boys were climbing it which made Cole want to climb it too. So I put him on a branch and he held on for dear life! Another year or two and he'll be climbing with the best of them!

Gavin shows off the coveted apple cider doughnuts!!


Lisa said...

Great photos as always!! LOVE the one of Cole in the tree close up of his face! So cute! and also the silly face with Brendan! And Charlotte of course is as adorable as ever! Her hair is getting so long! Every time I see her her pigtails are just a little bit longer!

At our apple party Cora will be wearing the apple overall get-up we borrowed from you and Charlotte! So funny we pick out clothes with special events like apple picking in mind!!

Looks like a great time with great friends! I love traditions like that!

Oh.. and I agree their cider donuts are to die for!! There is an orchard near my Mom that makes cider donuts with cinnamon sugar on them.. Mmm melt in your mouth!

Katrina said...

Did you read the photography post on fall bokeh on Pioneer Woman's blog? You should link to this flower picture!