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A Date with Awesomeness....

...spelled SYTYCD!!!

Of course my sister is also super awesome, but hello!!! ...
So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 Tour!!!!

To say I love this show is an understatement (Ok, ok, I realize I cannot "love" the show, but it's my blog and I'll overuse the word if I want to, gosh darnit!)  There are two shows I watch, ahem- religiously- LOST and SYTYCD.  LOST because it is intriguing, puzzling, exciting, and makes one think. SYTYCD because it is inspiring and full of people who have amazing technique and talent.  Makes me wish I hadn't given up ballet when I was 6-ha!  
This show covers all types of dance, Bollywood (!), hip-hop, pop jazz, salsa, rumba, ballet and my personal favorite- contemporary, just to name a few.  The choreography is amazing.

It is sad to say (perhaps!) but my 19-year-old sister likes the show but doesn't watch it as often as me. I knew every song and every dance they performed.  I admit it, okay? No comments from the peanut gallery, thankyouverymuch.

I love my sister for not holding her head in her hands when I would shake her arm and say "I love this one!!"  : )
Melissa and Ade dance to "Romeo and Juliet"

This piece was AMAZING!! It was choreographed by Mia Michaels and was all about addiction and the hold it has on people.  Here it is on Youtube. Watch it if you get the chance. It gives me shivers.

Here are some other dances you should check out if you have the time:


Lisa said...

You CRACK ME UP! I have only watched the show once, but I must admit I really did like it. I watched one episode this season, but it was only try-outs.. not as good as the normal season, but definately entertaining!
I will be sure to catch more episodes when I have a chance!

Katrina said...

I'm so envious! Every time I hear a certain song I think of that show and their dances.

Kelly said...

Katrina- I'm making myself a cd of all of the best songs from this year. I also downloaded the Jason Mraz album which is the song Jason/Jeanine danced to with the heart necklace. I'll make you a copy! : )

Lisa said...

That is the one episode I saw!! The heart necklace dance one! Great one!