Super Sevins


Last Soccer Pics, I promise!

Caden and Rob were MIA from the official team photo last week so Coach Don got everyone together for another one this week. I was the lucky photographer! : ) I love how Caden and Cole have their arms around one another. Such buddies.

I think this is the best photo I have taken to date of the two of them.  They were adorable.
The two of them were so funny during the game. From the sidelines they cheered together, "Go Yellow Team" or they tackled their coach or they kicked the soccer ball back and forth.  On the field they were teammates and had one purpose...get the ball away from the other team!
Here they race onto the field together. 


Lisa said...

Ack!! I can't get over the cuteness!! The last picture is so funny because they are in exactly the same position!!

Such great pictures!! You really captured the moment!

I'm so happy we have you all as our buddies!

SevinStitches said...

Awww, so cute! They look like they are having a grand time!