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Colors of the neighborhood

As I was driving through the my neighborhood yesterday morning, I was in awe of how beautiful and vibrant the colors of fall looked in spite (and maybe because) of the rain and the cloudy day.  They were just gorgeous. So, of course, I called Lisa right away and we went on a walk around the neighborhood to snap some photos.   I really want to work on my photo composition....mostly to improve all areas of my photography but nature is the easiest. Next comes the children. : )  Gotta practice for a Christmas shot you know!!

I guess this may look just a pile of leaves but I saw much more...I love the yellows and browns mixed together and the way the rain has made the leaves "shine."

This is one of my favorite photos from the day. I felt a little artsy. : )  I wanted to play around with my depth of field a bit but we had Cole and Caden with us and they were not waiting for anyone. : )

This is my next favorite. I steadied the camera on a guard rail and focused on the pussy willows. I like how they are in focus and the trees make the background.

Intermeadiate SLR class at SOPHA here I come!! 


Katrina said...

I love how photography slows us down and allows us to appreciate the beauty in things that would normally pass us right by. Beautiful pictures!

Lisa said...

Great pictures! I love all your wet fallen leaves ones.. I love them all really! I think you have a great eye for nature shots.

Fall is SO beautiful!

Mzchef said...

Truly spectacular!

Mom said...

These are such good outdoor pics that they definitely could compete with Sierra Club's 2010 calendar! Hint Hint :>)