Super Sevins


How Do You Define Cool?

Yesterday morning, as we all woke up, Cole said to me,

"Mommy, Daddy built the ceiling fan in your room and he built the one in my room..."

"Yes" I said, "he did."

Cole: "That's super cool, Mommy; that's awesome"

"Daddy can build fans. He's cool."

Oh, if only coolness would be defined in such simple terms for always.


Mzchef said...

That IS cool that your husband can build things. Ha, we had to sort of explain to Beastie how it is less expensive for us to call repair man/ auto mechanice than to try and fix it ourself and then pay more bec. we made it worse!

Kelly said...

I should probably add that both fans have an odd clicking sound that is a result of the fans not being installed all together evenly. It was annoying at first but now it is kind of soothing! : ) I hear you on the calling the repair man. : )