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I Do What the Calendar Tells Me To....


For my birthday I received a desk calendar called "Do Something Daily: 365 Memory Making Opportunities".  I love it.  The calendar is not only full of creative ideas to do things with your children, it also has lots of kick-in-the-pants reminders to organize your life...which I need lots of!!   Today's suggestion was "Clean and organize the silverware drawer."  So I did. And do you know..I felt a little better about myself when I was done! : )  I actually still had caps to reusable breast pump bottles in there that I haven't used since January!  They (and lots of other stuff) needed to go!!  Something in my house is organized and it feels great!  

Sometimes there are quotes on each day and today's was:

"Commitment is the stuff character is made of; the power to change the face of things. It is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism."- Unknown.    I like it. Yes, I do.

Tomorrow's suggestion is "Clean your outdoor furniture-use a hose for fun." Now, I do not think this is good advice for New England weather in October but maybe I'll tuck that away for the spring.   The next one after that is "Pretend you are stuck or have fallen, and cannot move."  I like this one, particularly because Cole and I have a running joke that when I give him a kiss at night my lips get "stuck" to his cheek. It has made him laugh since he was a year and half.  I think we'll have to explore this "fallen" pretense a bit and have some more laughs. : )


Katrina said...

I love calendars like that!
The hose idea really isn't a great one-- it sounds more like torture.

Love your new blog layout!! :)

SevinStitches said...

I need a calendar like that. I can only play monster so many times before it gets exhausting :)