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One and two-thirds

....or 20 months, to put it simply...
That is officially how old Charlotte is today.

It is amazing to me how much development and growth has occured in that short amount of time...and how much will change in another 20 months!

What a little girl Charlotte is! "Nature" really does play a role here. Charlotte loves to dress up, often wearing more than one hat!  She also loves purses and we have gathered as many as possible from around the house/my closet for her enjoyment.  

Charlotte most often has a soft, sweet voice and knows her own mind as well! When answering a question, she'll answer "kay" or "yup" and then there's the screech of "Noooo!" She loves to repeat the Rogers' names over and over again... "Ra" (Rob), "Yisa" (Lisa), "Cay-cay" (Caden), Cole (easy one!), and "Cowa" (Cora) and often points at their house and asks to play.  One day she was  inside looked out the window and saw Rob and shouted his name and became so excited! I think she may have a little crush!  But when we are talking with him or playing with them, she seems star struck and won't talk! I told Rob that yesterday and he said "Yea, I get that a lot!"  Here she is giving Cowa a hug. : )

Her new funny thing is "Ready? Yup!" This started when we were playing in the pool and we wanted them to say "ready" before jumping in. Now she does it for, jumping, etc!

Charlotte also has taken to saying her own name when she wants to do something herself. I'll say "Can Mommy help you?" and she'll say "Yaryotte", meaning she'll do it herself.  It's pretty cute.

Charlotte copies Cole often, from imitating what he is saying/singing to running around the house or laying on the floor. It is hilarious to watch!

She also loves piggy back rides now!

Her personality continues to grow and we are entertained as she is often a "ham" around us, often making funny faces or being silly.  


Katrina said...

She's such a cutie. I love her expression in the picture of her and Cole laying on the floor-- she looks so grown-up!

Happy 20 Months! :)

Lisa said...

So adorable! It is so hard to believe that last fall she wasn't able to walk yet! It really is amazing just how fast they develop! It is so much fun watching your kids grow into little people!

Rob really does get that alot! My niece and friend's daughter are both infatuated with Rob, pretending he's riding a but with them, drawing pictures of him, etc. But when he's around they won't talk to him! It's hilarious really!

Happy 20 Months Charlotte! Cheers to the next 20!

SevinStitches said...

She is so sweet! Happy 20 months, Charlotte. We love you!