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Ah, Memories...

I was shuffling through papers and photos and stuff in my nightstand drawer today looking for some necessary papers for our flight out this week.  I came upon a bunch of photos....some I had forgotten about. They are random and wonderful.

This is one of my favorite photos from our wedding. We look soooo happy and in love. I think this was taken by one of our friends.  Sigh...

Robyn and Natacha.  My two besties senior year of high school and throughout college. Of course Robyn has been my BFF for longer than that but for a time Natacha was part of our circle (triangle?) and we had so much fun together. This was taken the summer after freshman year.
I just want to squeeze both of their cheeks!! : )

Jay and I...maybe 1981?

I LOVE this photo for several reasons. It was taken at my Grandpa and Gram's house in Wisconsin.  Jay and I used to spend weeks there in the summer and my cousin Matt would also fly in from Montana. It was a wonderful time. It was a grand time without parents! But mostly because I adore my Grandparents. Sadly, my Gram passed away in 1999 and I still miss her often.  
One question I still have for my 11 year old self: Why on earth are you showing off a Batman wallet?? Only in the world of preschool boys is that cool. I must be making some sort of joke...

One year my parents drove out to WI/IL to meet my brother and I out there and then we drove back to NH. It was actually a fun trip. We stopped off at Niagra Falls.  Look at my Dad's 'tash!!! Hilarious..

This is a simple picture but it makes me very happy.  This was taken in Salem (MA) commons. Brendan and I had an apartment right in Salem and would walk down to the common most nights (before kids!) and lounge around on the grass and talk and laugh. That night we tossed the football around. I remember it was fall and there was a coolness in the air.  It was a great time in our lives. : )
This is one of my most favorite pics of my brother and I. It was taken at New Castle beach, NH. I think we are about 1 and 3 maybe?  So cute!!

No matter how many great pics I take with my digital SLR this nature shot will always be my most favorite. It was taken with my 35mm (non digital) SLR and was on a hike through the White Mountains. Breathtaking. 

I don't know why these photos were in my drawer and not in frames or  photo albums. I really must put them back in albums where they belong.


doubletrouble said...

Those were great pics Kelly! Beautiful wedding picture! Love looking at the older ones...what memories!

Katrina said...

I love looking through past pictures. Thanks for sharing!
I love the picture of you & Jay hanging from the tree and Aidyn would definitely think that Batman wallet is the cooooolest. :)

Dianna said...

I love looking at old pics! Keep the memories alive! :)