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I Heart Faces-Photography Challenge

When I saw that this week's challenge at I Heart Faces was "Excited" I instantly thought of this photo I took of Cole this past weekend.  We had just finished raking this pile of leaves and he was so, so excited to just blast through it!  This photo won't win anything for the composition but the expression is priceless! 

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Katrina said...

That is definitely an excited face and a tradition he'll never forget!

I just went for a run tonight and the smell of the leaves reminded me of growing up and jumping in leaf piles.

texasholly said...

He is having so much fun! So great.

Lisa said...

A great capture of "Excited"! You are so on the ball with leaf jumping! That activity is always a sure-fire way to get kids smiling!! Don't you remember the pile being softer when you were a kid though?!! Youch! not so much anymore!