Super Sevins



What can I say? Sedona is just beautiful.  This mountain that you see above is one that you can see for like 10 miles before you even drive into Sedona. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  The red rock is stunning after seeing nothing but desert.

I love this picture.  Just beautiful.

We stopped at the visitor center and the let the kids stretch their legs.  And as I snapped away at the scenery, I had to snap away at the kids too.

This photo is just too, too sweet. Brendan was having a talk with Cole and giving him a hug. Charlotte rushed over from what she was doing and gave them both hugs at the same time.

This is typical Cole goofiness lately. 

Brendan loving our rental mini-van.

Ha-ha. We had burger king for lunch. (Yuck but it was better than doing a sit down restaurant at that point.)  Cole wore that crown the rest of the day and into the next. 

After being in the desert for so long, I was pleased to see a beautiful blue bird at the top of the mountain (6900 ft above sea level!) and also leaves changing colors!!

This is Charlotte's "cheese!!"

We actually drove a bit on Rt 66 on the way down to Scottsdale but I needed to get proof that I had been in the area. 
Just pic of the landscape while driving back....

Look to the post below for pics of Scottsdale!

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Lisa said...

SO beautiful!! You are goign to have a gallery of photos after this trip!! That red rock is amazing! And I love the road pics! I think the bird might be the state bird.. we were trying to find one while we were there, but we kept seeing a different blue bird... it looked different than yours so I assume you saw the right one!!