Super Sevins


We Now Interrupt...

this regularly scheduled post of vacation photos to bring you Halloween pictures instead!

Brendan had a football game in early afternoon, and the kids and I kept ourselves pretty busy before the big event!

We colored some  pumpkins. (Pumpkin carving took place earlier in the week; photos are on a different camera and have not been downloaded yet.)

We played a lot outside and tried to rake some leaves but the wind was too fierce!

Showing off some belly.

I just love the next 3 pictures of  Charlotte...

The Japanese maple tree in the front yard has some fierce red colors! So beautiful.

A little fall scene!

Isn't he such a photogenic boy? This is cousin Aidyn.  He, Aunt Katrina, Uncle Ethan, and Grammy and PawPaw came to cheer on Cole in his 2nd to last soccer game of the season. Cole was so happy they were all there.

Cole was so proud! He scored 2 goals and had 1 block! The game was a little bit more loosey-goose than usual because the other team had a lack of players but Cole as always had a ton of fun and takes the game very seriously! : ) (But not too seriously!)

And then there were treats from Grammy and Pawpaw!

What goodies! We had the yummy Mac and Cheese for lunch today!

Charlotte ate the rest of Cole's lollipop (with his ok!)

The King Edward gang! Cora barely make it in there! :) Charlotte's wings were ginormous!  She loved them though. This girl loves dress up!

Trick or Treat!

Aidyn led the way a bit with the flashlight. He had fun with it! : )

Given the choice, Cole always chose Kit Kats. They are his favorite!

Thank goodness for wagons! Aidyn and Charlotte had a lot of fun together.

Whaddya got there Charlotte?

This ghost intrigued Aidyn and Charlotte. They wanted to stop and check it out for a long while! 

What a great Halloween! Beautiful weather (I wore short sleeves on our walk-Crazy!)....great times....good candy.  


Lisa said...

Great capture of the events! Charlotte's hair is getting so long! And she is the cutest fairy in the world!

Cole is such a great Soccer player! Head in the game! Go Cole!! or maybe Goal Cole?! haha! Great job!

Amanda said...

I love Charlotte's large wings! So cute :) Looks like a fun night!

Mom said...

So sorry we didn't get over there to see all of that going on! Cole and Charlotte looked SO cute! And I absolutely loved the leaves picture - what contrast !