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And Now We Return...

I know, you must be saying to yourself by now "GoodNESS woman, you are not finished with vacation photos yet???!!"  

I think this post and another one should do it and then I'm done!  I said before that I took 1400 photos so this is really just a sample! :)

The above picture is part of Red Rock Canyon.  This is about 20 minutes west of Vegas and is GORGEOUS!!  You see that red stripe in the mountains; isn't that amazing?  Other than that the mountains from this view appear to be fake almost, like the background of  a video game.

You can see the BK hat made an appearance this day too!

We are so small next to these rocks!

Blue sky...nothing but blue sky!!

Hold on to her, Brendan!!!

There are about 6 pictures of Cole and Charlotte that I absolutely love but this one makes me smile the most. Christmas card? Maybe not, but close!

See those ants on the rock....rock climbers!! No thank you!

ahhhhhhhhh!!!  We followed this guy (girl?) across the parking lot to make sure no cars ran over him and then let him wander into the desert.

I LOVE this photo!!

We went on a little hike to "find" the lost creek. Cole led the way with a walking stick and singing "Following the leader". 

We collected lots of rocks once we "found" the lost creek. Charlotte kept putting them in her shorts and they were weighed down with all of them. Then she tried to put some in her diaper. :)

We saved some beauties and brought them home with us.

Here's the fearless leader!

We walked through the Bellagio again to see the talking tree and then made our way to Margheritaville.  Throughout the trip, Cole often asked Charlotte if he could hold her hand and they happily skipped along. I had to say "awwww" every time they did. It warms your heart!!


Escalators are everywhere in Vegas!  Charlotte loves escalators and was so excited every time we went up or down one!

Giant picture of Donny and Marie.  You've got to love it.

Yummy, refreshing beverages...

I told Cole we would print out pictures and put them in an album to show his class. He loved the idea and soon it was "Take a picture of this, Mommy."

I could have sat there and enjoyed the atmosphere and drinks for most of the afternoon! 


Lisa said...

LOVE this post!! Great pictures of the family!

Your posts make me feel like I was on vacation with you!

Charlotte's rock carrying picture reminds me of the time she swam in your pool with a regular diaper on!

Katrina said...

Gorgeous Kelly!! All the pictures are so so pretty. I admire you for not running and screaming when you saw that spider. Not that I would do that. Just sayin...

Mom said...

Cole is so lucky to have you taking all of those pictures! They are great! It's like watching NatGeo - the Southwest in living color and action.