Super Sevins


That's all folks!

This is the last batch of vaca photos!  I know, I know, let out a cry, it's ok...I understand!

Here's a sign I encountered upon walking into the Mirage the last day we were there. I almost fell over in a fit of laughter. Then when I regained my composure, I said "I have to take a pic of this for the blog."  Yup, that's me. Always thinking about what I can post to share with you all. He-he.  Seriously though, people, who goes to a club just to see Whitney Port??!!  Does anyone really think they will be able to hang out with her?  For those of you who do know who she is (and I do not blame you if you do not!)  she's on the reality show The Hills.  Actually I've never even seen the show! I just follow celebrities via People mag!  Anyway,  I thought, you know, Vegas cannot be hurting this much. Really, now.

While waiting for "The Secret Garden" to open, Charlotte entertained herself endlessly with opening and closing buckles.  Thank goodness!  

Cole and I wandered into the casino to find a bathroom and stumbled upon this amazing, wonderful  color changing floor!! Cirque du Soleil has a show "The Beatles" and this was the entrance to the show.  Cole loved it! I like the first  photo because it looks the guys are standing on his shoulders!

The Secret Garden is an area created by Seigfreid and Roy to showcase dolphins, tigers, and lions.  It was really neat! I just ADORE dolphins.  

Grrrr! Cole's a tiger!

ha-ha-ha-ha...this pic makes me laugh....

And this pic is sweet!

Smile for the camera, lion!

We captured a tiger and brought him home with us. 

That afternoon and night we spent at my aunt Gail's and uncle Phil's.  They have horses! This is Paige. Charlotte seamed nervous around them but she actually patted the horses nose several times which I was surprised about.  One another thing that I thought was pretty amazing is that during this trip Charlotte seemed to lose a lot of her fear of dogs. She loved Duke at my uncle andy's which is a dog almost as tall as me!  And Cole and Charlotte couldn't get enough of Xena at my Gail and Phil's.  Charlotte kept calling "Xena, Xena, Xena!!"

And then one of the ranchers brought over his pet chicken! This thing was hilarious; I've never seen anything like it!!

I had such a good time over my Aunt Gail and Uncle Phil's house. We laughed and talked with them, my cousin Matt and his wife (who just had a baby last Sunday-YAY!!), and my Grandpa. It was wonderful and I SOO miss having them around me. This is why I love that Charlotte and Cole are growing up around their extended family; I realize what I didn't have growing up and I want them to realize what they DO have here.  Family (including extended family!) is everything to me and I miss my family dearly.  

It was a great vacation overall but it already seems like eons ago.  When can I go to Disney?!


Lisa said...

What a great end to the vacation.. THe color changing floor is so cool!

THank you for explaining The Hills lady.. I am so not with the times and had no idea who she was :) I have watched it once.. DUMBEST show ever! No offense of course to anyone who likes it!

Katrina said...

This looked like such a fun trip Kelly! I think I would go to Vegas just to watch Cirque du Soleil. If the entrance is that amazing I can only imagine what the show would be like to see.

Brendan said...

Disney? I'm ready...let's go!