Super Sevins



The time has come to move Miss Charlotte from our bed to her own.  Ah, yes, she has (had) a perfectly wonderful, roomy sized crib of her own, but she hasn't slept in it since maybe March.  Charlotte wasn't a good sleeper from day 1 and often when she went to bed at night she would be up again an hour later and then a half an hour after that until finally we put her in our bed and she slept quite soundly. So finally we got tired of having no time to ourselves at night and we just put Charlotte to bed in our bed from the get-go. The little bugger sleeps like a rock in there.  So, I'm squished onto one side, Brendan on the other, and there's Charlotte happy as anything with tons of the room in the middle....except when Cole wanders in and climbs into bed around 5 and starts playing with my hair, well, forget it, I cannot get any sleep. 

We have bought Charlotte her own big girl bed and are in the process of redecorating her room.  Green and pink bedding and green walls!  I love it!  I'm hoping she sleeps just as lovely in her bed as she does in mine.  I love snuggling with her but the time has come!

I admit I shed a tear or two when Brendan took apart the crib.  It was bittersweet....knowing that my babies are grown and the crib won't come out again until we have grandchildren. Sniffle!
Here's Cole and Charlotte in Sept 2008 playing around in the crib!  She barely looks over!

And now.... Cole trying hard not to smile!

Such goofs!


Lisa said...

Awww no more crib... but still so many years of fun ahead! I just cannot wait to see the new room!!

Katrina said...

I can't wait to see how her room came out! You & Brendan always put a lot of love {and hard work!} into their rooms.

I could shed a tear for you seeing Charlotte go into her big girl bed. It must be because she's the baby of the family. How can we get them to slow down?