Super Sevins


Hey you! Yes, you, get back here!

Did you ever feel like time just escapes you?!

I do, every single day.

I haven't been blogging  in awhile...well, awhile, in Kelly terms.

Projects and laundry and sleep have got the best of me. I have a neat little file of pics ready to post but haven't made the time!  So I thought I would just post about how I don't have the time, because you know, that is really productive of me. :)

Here's the list of things I need to finish:

Finish scrapping photos/paper etc into frames for Charlotte's room.
Re-do the  picture wall in the TV room.
Finish making the menu for Thanksgiving.
Finish the Blurb photo book of our vacation.
Finish my stupid (ahem!) gauge stitch that I have to keep redoing for my sweater I'm knitting.
(Ah, knitting, my favorite frenemy!  I love it and am frustrated by it!)
Finish picking out the Christmas toys for the kids.
Pick out a Christmas card (FORGET making them this year, it ain't gonna happen)
Hang up the flower wall decal in Charlotte's room that I bought on Etsy.
Hang up the the curtain rod in the dining room that has been sitting on the window sill for months.

I think you get the idea. Notice how most of those start with "Finish...".  Hence my half-project addition...

All of these things have to happen after the kids go to bed (I refuse to waste time of course when they are up!)  plus all of the regular things that also have to happen...laundry, dishes, dusting...blah, blah, blah...I know I'm preaching to the choir. :)  Just having a little pity party, is all!  

And, I must watch my favorite movie of all..Love's not the Christmas season until I watch it!!

Ok, I'm getting off of my butt and going to do something on the list. If I get 2 of them accomplished by the end of this weekend, I'll consider myself a success.  :)


Mom said...

I know you're a full-fledged Mom now! ;>) The list just changes in priority not in length! Have fun with your for assistance anytime!

Katrina said...

I would start with watching Love Actually. :)

I did the same with my holiday cards. I just received them in the mail the other day. It was easy peasy haha.

Lisa said...

I read your blog as I sit reading my book.. not checking anything off of my list! Hmmm.. I figure it's a holiday week.. how much work can get done anyway right?!!