Super Sevins



Dakota (and Mimi) came to visit on Sunday.  I just adore Dakota. She is a wonderful dog... a little crazy at times and obnoxious but I love her just the same.  Charlotte is slowly getting over her fear of dogs.... she loved Xena and Duke which she met on our vacation.  Cole also really enjoys playing with Dakota and would love to try to take her for a walk but really it is Dakota pulling Cole, not the other way around!

Cole tells Dakota to "drop it!" which she almost always is happy to oblige.


Katrina said...

Everyone looks so happy! Cole's hat is too funny. Love the faux-hawk.

Dakota is beautiful. Her fur looks so silky and snuggly.

Lisa said...

I do love the hat! It took me awhile for some reason to realize that Charlotte was in a tree! Looks like a fun day!