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Thanksgiving Holiday Part 1

These past 4 days have just flown by!!  We were busy and the days just flittered away.  Thanksgiving is already a blur but thank goodness for pictures!  Poor Cole has been worn out every day even with going to bed early each night!  He's just been on the go every day, running around and being, well, a little boy!  This morning he woke me up by coming into my room and instead of his usual  "Good morning, can I watch tv?" it was "Good morning! I saw a sunrise out my window Mommy!  I know you love sunrises so I want to show you!"  Awww, those little spots of kindness just melt my heart!!  Some other notable quotes from this past weekend have been 1) Cole: "Who cleaned up the  mess in here? I know where everything is when it's messy!", 2)  "Higher, higher, Mommy! Higher!", says Charlotte when she wants to dance or jump (by herself, the mommy insertion is just to say"I want to show you this!"), 3) And, although this wasn't about my kids, I thought this was hysterical--- I heard this at the park today from a dad as his 6-year-old was chasing a boy, "Sarah! No kissing boys!"  

Batman made an appearance after  dinner!  He decided Kerry was worth taking care of!

Charlotte made me a cake!  Don't you just love her tights?! Charlotte does as well. She asks to put on tights every morning. It's often the only way I can get her out of pajamas which she also loves wearing! (But really, who doesn't?)

Mum and Dad.  Happy, happy, happy.

Mimi's fantabulous cake.  I'm sure I've mentioned it before but the frosting is a Luptak (my dad's maternal grandparents) family recipe and the cake is Golden Chiffon.  Heaven!!

Charlotte puts her babies to bed.  It just amazes me how wired girls are to be motherly and be sympathetic and kind.  

There was lots of hugs on Thanksgiving!

Jay and Rachel.  They drove up from CT at the end of the day to have pie!

Thanksgiving was a success!  Tired happy kids and tired happy adults!  

I did mis-time the turkey though and it came out a bit early- 1pm but oh well.  I found a new recipe for baked mashed potatoes that was just ridiculously awesome.  It was made with pancetta (which my friend Charles told me last week was Italianizing an American standard but I disagree!), but really you could leave it out if you wanted- it would have been great either way.    I prepared the turkey by covering it in kosher salt and herbs the night before so the flavor was amazing!

Very satisfying indeed!!


Amanda said...

Looks like a wonderful day! Glad it was a success!

Lisa said...

What a great day! Love Charlotte's tights, and the fact that they kinda match her cake!! Cole trying to lick the cake is fabulous! And the kids lying together with Charlotte on top is the cutest!

I also find it HILARIOUS that we made those same potatoes last weekend with a ham dinner! We left out the pancetta since we were having ham.. but I want to make it again with it because I love it! and the potatoes were super yummy to boot!

PS. Love looking out the window to your lights! I walked by the window and all of a sudden your yard was lit up! and everyone was outside! I called the kids in.. if you looked over you may have seen us waving to you! I have to go to Walmart to get more lights so we can turn ours on.. I'm replacing half of ours from last year because if a bulb blew half the lights went out and it was FREEZING trying figure out which one!

Katrina said...

I love this time of year. Time with the family just feels so special. The kids look adorable.

I love that Batman made an appearance!! I had no idea Kerry's hair was so curly! It's beautiful!