Super Sevins


Oh Christmas really are so...

fragrant.....full....wonderful....magical...and perfect!   This year we went to a local nursery in our town to pick out our tree. It turned out to be the best tree I think we've ever purchased or cut down. (Back in the day we used to cut down our own tree- maybe we'll do that again when the kids are older!)  We are limited by our low ceilings so the tree we do purchase has to be full and wide.  This one was and I love it!  We bought it on Friday, as is our tradition to buy it on the weekend following Thanksgiving, and decorated it on Saturday night complete with Christmas cookies that Cole and I had baked and lots of eggnog and holiday cheer!
This was actually the fourth go-round of this picture. The first two were much better where Cole was smiling but my darn (external) flash didn't go off!  Anyway, this is a good one and Charlotte, to me, looks like such a little girl now.

Believe me, he was happy with this activity but maybe not happy that I made him stop to take pictures! :) Oh, I didn't even take that many really!

Hanging the first ornament!  Cole's 2009 ornament is a Christmas M-n-M since he loved the M-n-M store in Vegas and to match his "stuffed lovey".

Charlotte tries to rehang it. :)

Instead Brendan helped her to hang another one!

Cole hung these two boats next to one another because as he said "the second one is chasing the first one."  I don't think he realized that the Cole boat was chasing the Charlotte boat.  ha-ha!

We really have to watch Charlotte around the tree. She loves to pull the ornaments off and show me her treasures.  I feel like should have the ornaments on the top half of the tree to avoid breakage but I've put some harmless ones down below.  

We've done a lot of decorating around here....made paper chains for the kids' doors, put decorations on the kids' windows, the tree, random stuff around the house...and of course the outside lights!  Pics to come tomorrow!!  It looks great this year!!


Lisa said...

Yay for the Christmas Tree!! We are going to get ours tomorrow I think. I now remember why we usually come home from Thanksgiving on Saturday.. we get our tree on Sunday and decorate the house! But we didn't tag this year due to rain both times we were free so it totally slipped my mind!

HAHA.. my security word to type in is restring.. perhaps it knows Brendan had to re-string the lights that the squirrles chewed!

Katrina said...

They're adorable! I like the boat ornaments-- is there a story behind them?

I love this time of year!!

Charles said...

For the first time, we got our tree Thanksgiving weekend. We decorated it during the week. Cute pictures, as always.