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Sisterly (and Auntie) Love...

Last Saturday afternoon the kids and I visited Kerry at college while Brendan had a football game.  The night before Brendan had a game in Salem (Mass).  Brendan's mission (which he always chooses to accept!) when he returns to our old stomping grounds during football games is to trek on over to D'Amici's bakery in Lynn. It is the bakery of all bakeries and we frequented it often when we lived in Salem.  Our favorites were the animal cupcakes. They are adorable and oh so yummy! We know Kerry loves them too so we brought one down for her to enjoy as well!
The first time Cole had one of these cupcakes he was about Charlotte's age. I think he called it a "yion ca-ca". hahahahha!

We stopped by Kerry's apartment and hung out for  bit. Kerry's roommate's singing Green Monster was a big hit.  It sings Sweet Caroline. :)

We wandered around campus for awhile and stopped at a common area that had a big bridge and a fountain. Cole had races back and forth with Kerry.

And also made her do a crawling race!

I love this pic of Kerry. Her eyes are stunning!

By the bridge the ground was covered in yellow perfect leaves.  I stripped the kids of their jackets and tried to get them to sit next to one another. Charlotte didn't want to which was fine.  I laid down on the ground on my stomach to take a pic of Cole and then Charlotte came to give me a hug putting her arms around my neck. Eureka! I asked Charlotte to do the same to Cole which they both loved. I got the most amazing shots for the Christmas card!!!  They are a surprise though! :)

You can tell how much fun they had though!

I just love their love. :)

And I love these leaves!! We just have yucky brown ones at our house (except for the rare red ones).

Tackling Kerry... :) We had so much fun with her!!


Lisa said...

Aww such a fun Saturday! I do love those leaves.. and I am BEYOND irritated you aren't sharing your Xmas photo (j/k)! You better send more than 2 cards out this year! haha!

Sibling love is so special!

doubletrouble said...

Great pictures Kelly! Kerry is such a pretty girl...I can't believe she was just a baby when I moved. Wow, how time flies!

Dianna said...

Great pics! I love fall in New England! :)