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Wordless Wednesday-Veteran's Day

These pictures were taken while on a trip to D.C. in 2007.  
I feel a bit lucky and a whole lot sheltered that I do not currently know someone serving in the Armed Forces.  Lucky because I do not have to worry about someone I know, sheltered because I don't have that worry while many, many others do.
The impact of what our Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard is not lost on me though. I am thoroughly humbled by their service and dedication and love for this country. I am proud of what they do and today I honor them!

****Clarification: I was thinking about this as I went to bed...while I do not know anyone currently serving in the Armed Forces.. both of my grandfathers, Brendan's grandfather, and his dad have served. I am equally respectful of them and honored by what you did!!****

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