Super Sevins


Yay! A new room!

Charlotte's room is painted and her bed is up!! Actually she has been sleeping in her room since last Saturday night. She loves it!  She falls asleep wonderfully and usually remains asleep until about 1. (She wakes up screaming usually, probably because she is used to having someone beside her! When I go in to comfort her she wraps her little arms around me so tight! I feel badly!)  Sometimes I fall asleep laying next to her but often I (or Brendan) will just stay with her until she falls asleep and then tip-toe back to our bedroom.  She awakes usually again at about 6, up and raring to go! I miss my little snug bug but she was ready to have her own space.

The room isn't complete yet...still needs things hung on the walls.  Don't judge the paint color by these looks weird in the camera's light!


Katrina said...

She looks adorable in her big girl bed. Even her pj's match! :)

I'm not sure what the color looks like in person but it looks pretty in the pictures.

Lisa said...

Love it!! Camera light and all!! She looks o peaceful sleeping! I am jealous that she uses her quilt.. the boys won't sleep with theirs, they're folded up in the closet :(

Amanda said...

Awww, very cute sleeping photos! I meant to comment on the room when I was there today, but with all the crazy kids, I guess it just slipped my mind :)

Had a great time today! Thanks for having us and I can't wait to see you all again tomorrow :)

doubletrouble said...

so cute Kelly! I love it! and of course she is a cutie, and the pic are great. Glad to hear she is making the transition so well.

doubletrouble said...

and my boys still will not use their quilts...they sleep on top.

Mom said...

Kelly, Grandma A would be so delighted to see how you decorate AND match the child's pj's!!
I really do love what you did with the room.