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23 Months....

Well, this is the last time I'll be able to give a post about Charlotte's age in the "month" timeframe.  I suppose I could continue to provide monthly updates past 2 years of age but generally one stops counting age in months at this point and moves onto years. Sigh.  I know it is cliche to just marvel at how time moves on, but it is true and it hurts my heart a bit to say it.  

Charlotte is just blossoming into a beautiful little girl full of personality.  I had a good conference with her Toddler room teachers this evening.  They just adore her (um, of course!) and no concerns were noted. She is a social butterfly in the classroom, greets everyone as they come in for the day, shouts good-bye when kids leave, and does a lot of parallel and interactive play with many of them. She has a good buddy, Alex, that she really has a love/hate relationship with. She's been growing up with him I guess you could say as they have been at Applewood since Charlotte was about 5 months old.  She loves to play pretend and her vocabulary has just exploded over the past 2 months.  She is displaying a bit more physical assertions lately (ahem, hitting and I think there was mention of putting another child in a headlock!) but this is normal for this age. Not that it is ok, and we'll work on using our words instead of hitting, but that is what many kids this age do as they learn to verbalize what they want. Although Cole never really went through that stage at 2 years old so who knows? 

Charlotte's most adorable sayings are "More? Again?" which is often said as one word Moreagain?"  and "Yuv you, Mama".  She repeats everything we say and is very clear with her words too!  I just love when she gives me super tight hugs; those little arms wrapped around my neck can be felt for hours afterwards!

Grammy asked Charlotte what she wanted for Christmas this year and Charlotte told her "candy".  I guess it'll be easy to wrap her gifts! Ha!

She is super girly, loves tights, loves to dance, gets excited about pasta (!), and at the same time can be soft and quiet when she is unsure of a situation or surrounding.  

Charlotte Elise.... you are wonderful!


Mimi said...

I SO agree! It's been such a pleasure to be a greater part of her life so that she knows me!
I'm so excited to take her girlie places!

Lisa said...

I can't believe Charlotte is almost 2! Her 1st birthday party seems like it was just last month! My how time flies.. I know that is annoying, but like you said.. it really does and you can't help but say it every time! It's been great watching Charlotte grow, I look forward to many more years.. it is nice because I can always look at her and see how Cora will be in 1 year!

Katrina said...

Happy 23 months Charlotte!

She really has changed a lot within just a few months. I loved how much she was talking to me during our last visit!! She's a sweetheart.

Kerry said...

: ) Love you Charlotte!!