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A post that can only be called A Great Day...

Snow!  The first snow of the season! Well, I suppose you can say NH received its first snow in October but we weren't around to (ahem!) enjoy it then having been in fabulous Las Vegas at the time.  But now, December, Christmas, this stuff is wonderful!  And it came down just as we had a Christmas hayride with the Rogers. Perfect!  Today we got to really enjoy it though! :)

We spent the day at Grammy and PawPaw's and of course there was lots of playtime in the wonderful stuff! Every year I have to take a pic of  Cole and Charlotte in their snow get-ups. I just find them so cute! And Charlotte is about 2x wide as normal-  my little purple puff!

Aidyn appears very passive here but let me assure you, he was all about the snowball fights!

Charlotte just kind of stood there until Uncle Ethan bopped her along.  This is her 2nd winter and really the first time being able to play in this!  Like anything new, she takes time to get used to something! :)

Cole had fun plowing the yard.

Aidyn gets ready to scoop up some snow.

No sled? No problem! Uncle Ethan pulls Cole along at record speed. Cole had a blast!

Aidyn thought he would be helpful and clean off the car.

Charlotte laid down to make a snow angel too but really just lied there instead!

Leave them alone and then you'll find them in the toybox. :) Charlotte tried to get out at one point and Aidyn kept pulling her back in. It was hilarious.

Happy Birthday Amanda!

Brendan holds back Aidyn from licking the cake free of frosting. :)

Later in the day we decided to trust Katrina (bad mistake! ha! JK!!) and go to the Christmas village to see Santa. It was a very looooooong wait and we decided to get out of line and go to Meredith instead. Cole was happy he got to see the Grinch. He is loving this story/movie this season.  Brendan puts on the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy version of this song and Cole knows all of the words and bounces around to this song over and over again!

Isnt' this an eerie and sad looking Santa?! I guess its just as well we didn't see him at the Village.

But all is well! We saw him instead at the Meredith tree lighting! It was so great. They had hot chocolate, home made cookies and it was just so beautiful out! 

I heart Christmas!!!

Another great day filled with wonderful family and lovely memories!


Katrina said...

This was a fun day! I'm definitely going to have to steal that photo of Charlotte and Aidyn in the toy box! They're so silly.

I love this time of year!

Amanda said...

Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me!