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Traditions and a Fashion Statement

We started a new tradition this year...the countdown to Christmas with our advent calendar!  Although, I will admit, the advent calendar has become less about counting down to Christmas and more about opening the door to find several M-n-M's inside!  But I am not concerned...Cole and Charlotte too are very aware of the meaning of Christmas and that we celebrate it here. :)  Anyway, opening the door each night is a big event and we have to be very careful to remember who opened it the night before since we take turns!

The calendar! And the hat!  A week ago my work had a craft fair and I bought Cole and Charlotte new fleece hats- they are super warm and super cute!  Charlotte loves hers and the day I brought it home she would not take it off, even for bed! That night I had to peel it off of her very carefully once she was asleep!

See? She even had to wear for dinner (yes, we had french toast that night!).

And getting ready for bed!

And brushing her teeth!!  She cracks me up.  She is all girl, this one! I love it!

I'll be honest- Christmas shopping for a girl is a ton of fun.  And do you know it-- they have brought back all of the big toys from my '80's childhood- Strawberry shortcake, Cabbage patch dolls, My Little Pony, something else I can't recall but definitely let out a squeal in Target when I saw it! I haven't bought any of those for her gifts....mostly because she already has My Little Ponies..."my big pony, Mama", and the shortcake stuff is too little for her to play with this year.  But it is just fun! :)


Mom said...

If that isn't a big enough hint on what to get Miss Charlotte for Christmas, I don't know my granddaughter!!! Greatt Pictures - they really do speak a thousand words !!

Katrina said...

Charlotte's so cute in her hat. Laying in bed with it is too funny.

I get so excited when I go shopping and see all the toys I used to play with coming back. Have you seen a Popples or Teddy Ruxpin yet? They were my fave.

Amanda said...

Love the hats! And I love tradition, especially starting new ones :)

Lisa said...

Tradition is so great! Like the advent calendar!! Much better than the chocolate ones we have that we forget about!

And cool hats! Makes me want one to warm up my noggin!!