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Last Fall Lisa and I took up knitting. Well, she had the basics down pat and I learned it new all together. I have to say I absolutely love this activity. Once my brain put the whole knitting and purling process together everything else just fell into place! I love it. I love the feel of the yarn and I love making something new! I've never been crafty and I'm still not so much but hey I am learning! My sweet brother gave me a knitting book with lots of fun kids stuff in it. I started making the crown in the book last night and will be finishing it tonight! It's super easy! I plan on making lots! :)
I started making this sweater as my first project. After 2 months I finally finished the back and cast on the front last night. It'll go much smoother here on out. While making the back I learned so much along the way! Charlotte will be able to wear it next year and I'll be so happy to see her in it!

Next project: a button-tab hat for myself and then will make a hat for Brendan! He's in need of a new one. After that I have my eye on a darling dress for Charlotte in the book Jay gave me!

And of course my other passion (as far as hobbies go) is photography. I looked back at my pictures from last year and even from this past spring before I took my course and I can see how much my pics have changed and I love it! Of course it helps when you have beautiful scenes like the one above and the ones below! I read a post on MckMama's website today by a guest photographer and she challenged the readers to take the same picture from 5 different angles. I can't wait to try this and see what I can come up with!


Katrina said...

Ooooo I love the purple you chose. Very pretty.

Your pictures are gorgeous! I love how the sky looks in all of them. The last one is very dreamy.

I was reading MckMama today too and I really just wanted to run to the laundromat. The pictures looked so cool! I would love to take a day trip to the city for a photo op day.

Lisa said...

You are very good at the hobbies you've picked up!! Your sweater looks beautiful! And I love all your pictures..

I am jealous that you got pictures of the heavy snow on the trees.. I wanted to get out and do that, and I said it to Rob, then I forgot I guess once the snow stopped falling.. and it was always dark when I remembered.. or I didn't have my camera and before I knew it all the snow was off the trees... boohoo! hopefully there will be a next time!