Super Sevins



Cole received Monarchs tickets for Christmas! He was beyond excited to go to a game. This boy loves sports...any and all! And we love that he does! We are going to get him back on the ice this winter so he can learn how to skate. I'm not loving the idea of getting him into hockey (6am practice, the cost of the equipment) but hey if he wants to, why not? We are also really amazed at the memory this boy has for everything sports. Today the Bruins and the Flyers placed at Fenway and Brendan and Cole were talking about the game over lunch. Brendan was telling Cole that the Bruins were playing and Cole asked who they were playing against. Brendan told him the Flyers and that they were from Philadelphia and Cole said, "Yeah I know that, I saw them one time when we were watching football." At first we tried to tell him that the Flyers aren't football but he insisted, "No, I saw them when we were watching the Eagles." What?! The memory on this kid! And I'm sure nobody pointed this out to him at the time either! These kids soak in everything!

Anyway, we went to the game and had a really good time. It wasn't packed and we had good seats up in the balcony. Cole just stood at the edge and took it all in. At one point they announced that it was Sundae Sunday so if the Monarchs got 4 goals everyone received a free sundae. So Cole was rooting for that to happen but they only scored 2! Oh well! They still won and we had a blast.
Cole was excited to see both the zambonis and the scoreboard!

Santa brought him this shirt as well as the tickets!

Charlotte was very happy for most of the game just watching and playing and being silly and eating a pretzel. :)


Katrina said...

He does have a great memory for sports. He was telling me a few things about football the other day. So cute.

I love your new blog design!

Lisa said...

Looks like a fun time!! Rob would be so proud that he remembers Philly facts too!!

Let us know when you guys go back to the rink, because we are hoping Caden can go solo this year so we can start with our Cole next year.. we can only have one parent on the ice!! until Cora is on skates anyway..

Anabelle said...

we are going to manchester to see Disney on Ice with Rowan.. How cold is it in there? Should we bundle up? all I can think about is how cold my BIL's hockey games used to be haha

Kelly said...

Hi Ann- It depends on where you are sitting. We were up in the balcony and we couldn't feel the cold at all. Sweaters or long sleeve shirts were just fine. But if you are closer to the ice, I suspect it will be a bit more chilly. Have fun!! I love Disney on Ice!!!