Super Sevins


Rewind 2 weeks....

Like I wrote before, I'm behind in my posting. I think that there are some events like the Polar Express that I won't even get around to posting about because there are a LOT of pictures to go through at this point!

Two weekends ago we had the Schwinns over for our annual Christmas get together. My cheeks hurt by the end of it from laughing so much. I just adore Robyn and Erich and of course Morgan and Gavin! :)

We set up some crafts so these crazy kids could calm down before dinner time!

And maybe popped on Prep and Landing when they got too nuts! :)

But after dinner the silliness began again!

Just look at that hair fly as she runs through the living room!

Like I said, there was a lot of laughing. I got some funny ones of Robyn and Erich too but I'll save those for another day. :)

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