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More Christmas. :)

Every year we alternate between going to my parent's and Brendan's parent's for Christmas afternoon.  This was the year  to go to Grammy and  Paw-Paw's.  It was fun, crazy, loud, and wonderful.  I can't get enough of all of the cousins together and as such took a ton of pics of the cousins but hardly any of the grandparents. Shame on me!  I will make a point to do so next time!

Of course, Aidyn and Charlotte found their way into the toy box again. At one point Charlotte tried to climb out, but Aidyn kept telling Charlotte to stay and pulled her back in!  

The boys cavorting. :)

My daughter happily walking through the living room without a care in the world...or a dress.

A is for A.dor.a.ble!!

Waiting to open presents!! 

There might have been a giant bear hug from Uncle Ethan at some point...or a tackle. Either way the boys were laughing up a storm!

I L.O.V.E this one of Olivia.  Look at those cheeks!

Cameron and Cole were up on the couch for what was supposed to be a cute picture but they got to wrestling somehow. I forgot who instigated who.  Cameron is the only friend (or cousin!) we let Cole play this with. Incidentally, he doesn't even try to do this with any other friend.  Cameron and Cole are both very good sports about this and the giggles that erupt from both of them even crack me up.  Thankfully in the past year when they started doing this, there hasn't been any ouchies or anything.  We usually stop them before it gets too out of hand.

Charlotte and Aidyn are like, "What on earth are you boys doing?"

This look that Cole is giving Cameron is just priceless.

Goodness Charlotte!  Be happy! It's present time! :)

This car track entertained Cole for a good hour at least.  He loved it!

Aidyn had fun watching Cole! 

And ending the night tackling Uncle Ethan is always a good time!! :)

Charlotte and Aidyn brought out the hats and danced to music!  The ones I took of both of them came out blurry unfortunately but these are cute!  Shake that booty, Charlotte!

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Lisa said...

Too much fun!! I love cousin time! Great job capturing some beautiful expressions on the kids! and I can tell they were done with the new lens! Loving it!