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Christmas Morning 2009

Christmas gets to be more and more fun every year with 2 little people jumping for joy in the morning!  We managed to delay them for a 1/2 hour to get some more sleep since Brendan and I had been up until 2am the night before straightening, wrapping, and assembling!  Every Christmas and Easter Brendan goes downstairs before  us to get our pictures as we come down the stairs! This year he took longer than  usual and we were all threatening to barge down the gate before he had the chance to get this picture, so excited were we! 

Charlotte discovered right away that Santa left a half eaten cookie and decided to finish it herself. 

I just love this picture because it shows how excited Cole was.

And this one too....

Charlotte finally has a place to lay her dolly's head.... :)

Breakfast anyone??

Tried to get one of the two of them but of course Charlotte found the chocolate reindeer and was interested in that only! Hey, she is her mother's daughter after all!!

Milk, baby?

And of course, Charlotte thought dolly would want some chocolate as well!

And then I opened my main gift and the next peak of wonderfullness was reached in my journey of photography!!!  I love, love, LOVE my new f1.8, 50mM lense. It is magnificent and takes amazing pics indoors!! I kept the flash off for the entire day and the light it captured was just ridiculous.  Of course later in the day I should have also played with the shutter speed to avoid blurriness on some pics but hey I am still learning! Been playing around with its capabilities a ton in the past couple days and will post some cool photos soon! But just look how clear the pictures become from here on out!

Baby needs shoes, of course!

Speaking of shoes, I just had to take this picture of Charlotte's new "pretty" shoes.  I picked these up at Target for like $6 and Charlotte absolutely adores them.  I think they are pretty smashing too!

Mom, Dad, Jay, and Kerry returned later in the morning for gift exchange.

Charlotte snuck away at some point and I found her in the dining room sneaking Pez candy.  Little bugger! She loves her sugar!!

oooooo, I just love this one of Charlotte walking through the paper!!

Ok, seriously, the Nerf guns were a gift to Cole but I fear they have found their way into Brendan's hands and will never return.  Brendan and Kerry had a nerf war around the house. 

This picture is just so cute because they are both doing the same thing. :)

And...some of the aftermath!! I love leaving the paper out for a day like this! It is so much fun to play in! :)


Lisa said...

Yay for Christmas!! Loooks like it was a success!! Love the new photos with the new lens! Look forward to your fun experimental shots! Tried the tree bokeh the other night.. but my subjects were loonies and wouldn't hold still!

Amanda said...

Wow! Great indoor photos. That's a very nice lens. Charlotte and Cole are so adorable opening their gifts and I just love that Charlotte dives right into the sweets!

Katrina said...

The pictures are all so great. Charlotte sitting on the windowsill is perfect.

The last picture is priceless! The chaos and mess is one of the highlights of Christmas!! :)