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Christmas Eve 2009

I just the love the Christmas Eve tradition we have created in the past couple years since we moved to NH.  One of Brendan's favorite things about growing up (at least in these Northern parts!) was big Christmas Eve gatherings and having lots of of good food, etc.  So, we continued that.  We have my Mum, Dad, Kerry, and Jay over and also Brendan's parents.  We go to a local Christmas Eve service and sing lots of Christmas songs and then come back for lots of good food and tons of laughs. Needless to say my parents and Brendan's parents are quite different but the night always turns into laughter regardless! Usually Brendan or his Dad teasing my Dad, which hilarious, and my Dad is a good sport so it's all good!  I love the pic of Kers, Jay, and I above!! I really should do a post sometime of the pics of the three of us over the years...although the ones from my teenage years are quite horrible! :) Oh well!

My Mum gave Charlotte this darling little hat to play dress-up with.  By the way, Charlotte, is soooooo attached to me lately.  In this pic, she wanted me to pick her up while I was taking pics with Kerry. I mean, from day one, she has needed to be closer to me that Cole ever did but now it's just crazy! I can't even go to the bathroom without her crying and wanting to be next to me! So, I let her in the bathroom and she just sits and smiles at me, happy to be near me, and says "Mommy potty?" and I tolerate it all and know this is a phase that she'll be over some day.  

I just love how daper Cole looks in this get-up!!  He really did not want to wear this at first but he knows that I make the rules for party wear so it went on without (much of ) a struggle!  I actually teared up when he put this and recalled how I had put a similar outfit on him for his first Christmas when he was only 4 months old!  I hugged him so tight and he loved it. :)

Cole loves to track Santa on the web and see where he has visited so far!

Paw-Paw gave Cole and Charlotte reindeer food to throw out so the reindeer would land in our yard. Cole had to put it all the way down the sidewalk so they would find our door!

Gorgeous darling!

This is my daughter...both a ham and somewhat of a stripper. Ha!

CC cookies and carrots for Santa and the reindeer!

Hey! That eggnog is supposed to be for Santa!

My sister- the goof!!!!

I'm waaaaaaaay behind on posting pics.  Get ready for picture overload this week!


Lisa said...

Love all the family pics! And Christmas Eve gatherings! Makes me sad because my family has one in Danvers, but we haven't been since we've had kids so we can do all the fun Santa stuff.. once the kids get older we'll go back.. and I CAN'T wait!! I agree.. love big family fun!

Oh!! We were tracking Santa too.. and get this! We saw him land in Londonderry, Ireland!! How crazy!

Looks like a very fun Christmas Eve.. look forward to the rest of your postings!!

Lisa said...

Oh!! and almost forgot!! I LOVE Charlotte's big belly!! I think Cora is going to have a similar one.. at least she does now!

Katrina said...

It looks like you all had so much fun! Love all the pictures. I love how silly the kids are-- Charlotte is so funny showing her belly all the time.