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Just some Charlotte updates since she now 2...

It seems bizarre to me to say that Charlotte is 2. I was looking through some family picture albums this evening and lamenting how little Cole used to he grew up to be 4 1/2 so quickly. Charlotte is 2 and I just know how quickly time will be going by and I'll be saying she is 4 etc. Sigh.....

Some things about Charlotte to remember...
  • She loves being naked. Ha! I have to watch her because randomly she'll be taking off her pants or unzipping her pajamas! Lately she is also taking off her diaper. Oh boy. I know she is right on the verge of wanting to wear underwear but not quite there yet. And when she does have to get dressed she has to do everything herself. She gets really mad if I try to help her!
  • She does not like being alone yet she does not like crowds or overwhelming places. She loves being around people she knows and around those people she is crazy, silly, loud, and full of personality. Around people she is not comfortable with, she clams right up!
  • She prefers Mommy big time!! She only lets me out of her sight on her terms. I cannot just walk away from her, even to go to another room in the house! And she wants me to do everything with her. If Brendan tries to help her she yells "No, Mommy do it!" Brendan tried to take her up the hill sledding today and she would have none of it but had a blast going down with me. I have to say I secretly like this attention but I don't encourage it! :)
  • Loves playing pretend with dollies or in the kitchen. Last night after dinner (having just her diaper on of course!) she got off her chair, said "good night" and proceeded to lie down on the carpet under the table. She giggled and popped back up and said " 'uffed lovely first!" and ran upstairs to one for "bed". So funny.
  • She does not go to bed well. I know we have helped to foster this situation. We never "ferberized" her, always let her sleep in our bed, and stay with her until she falls alseep. Yup, not helpful to anyone, but it is what it is right now.
  • Loves to color
  • Loves to follow Cole (favorite question to ask if Cole is not in sight "Cole go?".
  • So often volunteers really really tight squeezes and "yuv yous!!!"


Lisa said...

Awww sweet Charlotte! I don't think anyone can believe that she is 2!!

They all grow up so fast.. I wish we could freeze them so they stayed little forever.. of course also freeze them into wonderfully good moods all the time too! that would be most preferrable.

doubletrouble said...

Happy 2nd birthday Charlotte! She is such a doll Kelly. It does go by so quickly. :( Lauryn got that same little doll and crib for her b-day and loves it now. Great always!