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Charlotte's 2nd birthday

Oh, my darling Charlotte, I cannot believe you are two already! I love you, love you, love you!!

We had a nice, quiet (ahem!) birthday party for Charlotte with just family and close friends the Schwinns and the Rogers. I have to laugh at the "quiet" part of the party because even with just the people we had over we still had 9 children- with 4 very energetic boys! It was a wonderful time though and although Charlotte was subdued, I know she enjoyed seeing everyone. Charlotte is a darling and she really just gets overwhelmed by craziness in her own house. I knew it would happen but as soon as about half of the people left, Charlotte returned to herself, being silly and running around the house. She just stays close to me when she is overwhelmed with everything else! :)
Erich Schwinn is my guest photographer for present opening and cake eating. :)

I didn't have to help Charlotte open too many presents. She knew what to do! Although she stopped for a bit and let me or Cole open a couple when she got this princess cup from Aunt Kerry! :)

Charlotte was a very lucky girl with all of the wonderful presents she received!

Cameron asked Brendan to put the Transformer back together. I think every adult has this exact face on when they try to work with these crazy toys!!

Charlotte received new pj's from Grammy and PawPaw. PJs are some of Charlotte's absolute favs. She just had to take off her party dress and put one of her new PJ's on!

The cake! I had every intention of making the rainbow cake as seen on McKMama's website but after reading the instructions and seeing how much time it was take I said no thank you and made a cake and just made homemade cream cheese frosting instead. Oh yeah, and just dyed the cake and frosting nice girly colors too!

Mimi and Grandpa gave Limbo to Charlotte! They love to play this game over Mimi and Grandpa's house. Now they love it over our house too! :) Cole R has this game at his house too so he was very excited to see Charlotte now has it!

Gavin, the little JCrew model. :)

I LOVE this one of Morgan.

The next couple are just some fun candid shots of our guests!

Oh, the singing of the birthday song! Charlotte had to sing Happy Birthday to me several times when she went to bed last night!

Brendan- always the goof.

Like father, like son!!

Darling Olivia!

Rob, ahem, those are for the kids. Oh wait... :)

Ha-ha, I made Jay stand there while I perfected this shot. I like how "3D" it is. :)

We made snowman cake pops from! More on that in a later post!

Poor Cora! So much excitement!

Brendan begged Rob to borrow Band Hero. It is the best game EVER!!! I love it.

Thank you, Rob. You rock. Seriously.

Mimi and Charlotte make pancakes while the rest of us (ok, ok, I'm taking the picture and then joined in) played Band Hero.

Oh. My. Goodness. My parents did Kareoke. What is this world coming to?! :)

Charlotte investigates the Nerf gun while we rock out.

Rachel. So serious!

And then Ethan spent the rest of the day with us and watched the Saints game too!

What a great day and a great party! Thank you all!!!!


Katrina said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte!!
I'm so sad Aidyn & I missed it but it looked like a fun party!

{I'm super sad I missed the Band Hero fun haha.}

Anabelle said...

Looks like you guys had a fantastic time! Happy Birthday Charlotte!