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The Mind of an (almost!) 2 year old

Charlotte officially turns 2 at 3:45am tomorrow morning! More on that tomorrow!

This evening as I was lying with Charlotte in bed we had the most interesting conversation...

We started talking about who was coming to her birthday party tomorrow:

Me: Grammy and PawPaw will be there.... Mimi and Grandpa....Kerry...Jay and Rachel....

Charlotte: upstairs? brush teeth?

Me: What? You want Rachel to brush your teeth?!

Charlotte: No, E-fin (Ethan)....

Me: You want Ethan to brush your teeth?

Charlotte: No, eat E-fin!

Me: You want to eat Ethan?

Charlotte: Yes, Efin yummy! (Pretends to grab the air and eat Ethan!)

I have no idea how we got to this point but that's what I just try to do...follow along!!! Ha-ha!

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Mom said...

The best conversations with children are so random and fun! I love talking to Charlotte because she really knows what she wants and likes and doesn't. /thanks for sharing the story, now I'll know how to follow along!