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New Year's Rockin' Eve!

What a great New Year's Eve 2009 we had!! Ethan, Katrina, and Aidyn came down and the Rogers trekked the long way across the street (ha!) and we had such a blast together! In the afternoon we went sledding for the first time over at Mack's Apples. What a hill that was! Check out Lisa's blog for some fantastic pictures! We had so much fun with that we went back again on New Year's Day. I'll post those pics tomorrow.

Of course hot chocolate was a must when we returned!

And then the party just got going from there!

There was lots of dancing and singing by the kiddos!

Cole has this new voice amplifier/microphone that has just been a great hit with him. He loves to perform and sing! We purchased the Princess and the Frog soundtrack and Cole wants to hear it again and again and "sings" every song! It's fab! :)

Lisa and Rob brought over Band Hero and this really is the best game ever. Everyone got into it including yours truly. I would just like to say that I can rock Taylor Swift with the best of them but ahem, I really cannot carry a note to save my life! :)

This is Cole's performing mode. ha-ha.

Cole often finagled Katrina into reading stories to him too.

And here they are folks....the King Edward band!
Just take a look at the next couple performance faces on Cole. I had about 10 hilarious pictures to choose from and these were just the best.

Charlotte gets down too!

The Rogers and we had left over fireworks from the summer so we put them to good use!
Charlotte clung to my leg for both of it. She hates loud noises! :)

The Christmas lights are now turned off. Boo-hoo.

Good times, good times! :)

Happy New Year all! 2010 promises to be a great year!


Lisa said...

Yay! Good times! We had so much fun! Your outside pics came out so well! I will blame it on the fact that I was holding Cora.. although I don't really believe that! They were all blurry.. boooo!
Cole was SO FUNNY when he was rockin' with the guitar.. I see a future in the drama club for him!

Katrina said...

Ethan & I were just talking tonight about how much fun we had. It was the best New Year's!

And that last picture has officially gotten us back on our diets haha.

Kelly said...

Oh no! I love this picture of the two of you!!!