Super Sevins



Mack's Apples has a fantastic hill for sledding! We spent over an hour there last Thursday and then another 2 hours there on Friday! We wanted to go back later in the weekend but it got too cold. Bummer! I asked Cole tonight if he wanted to go back this weekend and he stated he wanted to go to a bigger hill. Wow! Daredevil! I mean this hill is plenty big and we didn't even go to the tippity-top! These pictures speak for themselves!

I love how scrunched up Cole (Rogers) face is!


Lisa said...

Great pics!! Love Charlotte's little hand with the snow!
I saw pictures in the paper about some country club in Manchester? or something? we should try there sometime!

Cora's just chillin' face is great!

Kelly said...

Yes! I used to go to that CC all the time as a kid! The hill is HUGE!!!

Dianna said...

Looks like fun!! I hear it may snow Friday night...maybe fun to go Sat morning...lets see how cold it gets!

Amanda said...

Looks like a nice hill. Sledding has become a favorite here as well. That and ice skating!