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Bowling under Blacklight

Wanting to do a fun family activity this weekend and not wanting to go to a museum or the mall, we thought bowling would be a ton of fun! We found a place relatively close to home and had a blast! It was under blacklights and there was a lot of fun music (hello! Debbie Gibson, Only in my Dreams!!) and even Charlotte got into the groove. Both kids were shaking their bums while waiting their turns. It was great cheering for each other and helping Cole and Charlotte to learn something new. As you can see all of the pics from today are blue because of the blacklight. I didn't know an immediate fix for it and I wasn't going to try to mess around with it in Photoshop! :)

Um, yea....that is me with the lowest score. Awesome. Oh well! We can't wait to go again!

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Katrina said...

That looked like so much fun!! Charlotte almost beat Brendan!

Aidyn & I are going with another mom and her son from our play group on Monday. It's at Funspot though-- not nearly as cool as the black lights!!