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A Great Big LEEP!

No, I didn't spell LEEP incorrectly, although I doubt I would surprise any of you if I did. My spelling is, ahem, less than stellar.

Anyway, today Cole and I had a date with the LEEP program at Moose Hill Kindergarten. Cole's preschool teachers suggested we have Cole's speech screened to see if there was anything that he could possibly need speech therapy with. Although I love my Cole telling me "I yuv you, Mommy"; I am also fully aware that Cole is really the one child (his age) I know who cannot enunciate his "L's" and some of his blended consonants such as "st's". So the LEEP screening is free so we went today. I told him that he was just going through some pre-work for kindergarten (I definitely don't want to point out his speech differences to him.) and he and I trotted off to Moose Hill. We happened to get there as the last bus was dropping off children for the morning session and I thought these children were just so cute with their big backpacks (what on earth do they carry in there? it's kindergarten for heaven's sake!) and big smiles on their faces. I pointed out the bus to Cole and he was really excited. We still don't know if he'll be going to Moose Hill next year or to private kindergarten but we are hoping he goes to Moose Hill! The school is big and beautiful and so great. Cole was in awe when we walked in! I hadn't realized that after we signed in Cole would be going off with one of the teachers for his screening by himself and so silly me hadn't prepared him for that. We had a few moments of Cole clinging to me and telling me he wanted me to go with them but the teacher was so nice and comforting that it only took 5 minutes and then he just announced to me, "Ok, I'm going Mommy, but I'm not going to play." And he was fine! So funny! (And he actually did do lots of playing I later heard!) The teacher who brought him into the next room came back 10 minutes later and told me Cole had already told her all about loving sports and the Super Bowl and the Saints! That is so my Cole! Originally I just felt it necessary for them to screen the speech, hearing, and vision (since he might not be hearing the sounds correctly- maybe I thought from all of the ear infections he had) but we ended up okaying the screening for everything. Cole was gone for over an hour and they kept coming in and telling me he was doing great so I was glad he was comfortable with the teachers. As luck would have it another mom and dad from Applewood were there too and I ended up talking with them the entire time. Such nice people and although I didn't have any fears about Cole's screening, just talking with them put a lot into perspective for me. I just love the families at Applewood- I shall miss them all when Charlotte leaves there! So, Cole came back covered in stickers for working with the teachers so well and he was a happy camper telling me he had fun! And to top it all off, the person discussing the assessment with me said Cole did wonderfully; they confirmed the difference in speech but said the letters and blends we were concerned with was nothing to be concerned with at all because they really do not expect kids until they are 6 and 7 years old to be able to perfect those enunciations. If he still cannot then, then maybe speech therapy would be needed, but she assured me that most likely would not be needed. Big sigh of relief!!! :) Cole talked a mile a minute while walking out of there, telling me about a puzzle of a polar bear with ear muffs and a scarf and asking questions about kindergarten. He just looked me and said, "Mommy, this was a fun morning!" I know that if the teachers at Moose Hill handled this so well, I am going to love them for regular kindergarten! I hope, hope, hope our petition to change from afternoon session to morning is accepted!

So, today was a good day. I feel a bit better that professionals said his speech is ok and Cole and I both loved the time we spent with each other today. And to top if off it was a balmy 40 degrees today! Yes, a very good day. :)


Katrina said...

Way to go Cole! Kindergarten is such a big deal. I have the best memories from it. I still can't believe it's almost that time for him though!

You guys really are in a great school system. Michelle & I loved it. Both our schools were great at reaching out and making it known to everyone they're there to help.

Lisa said...

Yay Cole! and a personal tour of Moosehill! even better! I'm glad you liked Moose Hill so well! While I do not want Caden to be a Kindergartener (because that means he is growing up!) I am glad it will be at a good school! with patient teachers... although apparently all of Caden's apprehensions disappear once we are nowhere near. HoHum
They will be so cute getting on the big bus! I already shed a tear!

Anonymous said...

How easily Cole will move on to kindergarten! It sounds as though it was a perfect experience to make him anticipate going in the fall. Now I know what the "look" was for when Cole and you mentioned going to the school. I also remember taking Jay to a kindergarten other than the Y. He really liked it!

Dianna said...

That's great news! Better to have him check out now! I am glad it was such a good experience Zach hope Cole can go there too! :)