Super Sevins


Cora's 1st Birthday

Charlotte adores Cora! She had to give her hugs and multiple kisses before we left the party. :)

I took a ridiculous amount of pictures per my usual MO but I've spent the past 2 hours of my night (which I will never get back!) fiddling around with Photoshop, layers, actions, and other tools. This is all I have to show for it! Pretty sad. Anyway, I love the pic- hope these two girls are best buds as they continue to grow up! :)


Mom said...

Both of your children are so social; they do mirror what you do as parents. It's so cute to see Charlotte caring for Cora!

Lisa said...

I love it! Charlotte is so sweet with Cora! I cannot wait (well, I can wait so they don't grow up too fast!) to watch them play and interact as they get older! Growing up together will give them a special friendship!