Super Sevins


Happy Birthday Dad!

My Dad had a big birthday this past week! I won't disclose his age- haha!! We had lunch at a fabulous wood grill pizza place today...900 degrees. The food is sooooo good. I'm definitely going back sometime soon!

Let me tell you, I could eat Caprese salad every day. I just love is so simple yet incredibly delicious!
Margharita pizza!!

Charlotte thought Mimi was quite hilarious with the napkin phone. :)

What on earth is this you say? It's a tasty after dinner treat (free for the kiddies they said!). It's chocolate "rocks". So yummy!

And back to the house for cake and ice cream! It was Dad's bday last week and Kerry and Jay's this coming week! (Kerry's going to be in her 20's now....sniff, "baby" sister!)


Katrina said...

Ooooo the food looks so good. That's a lot of birthdays in a short time!! Happy Birthday to them all. :)

Mom said...

Thanks for the pictoral review! It WAS a good party! Yours and Jay's generosity was very thoughtful! Thank you, Sweetie!