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No Pants Party!

Ok, well, to start, we went to the NE Aquarium with Robyn, Erich, Gavin, and Morgan.  It is a fun place for the kiddos but I'll be honest...I don't really love it. I mean, I love seeing the turtles (I could watch them all day!), and the penguins are pretty gosh darn cute, and the sea tank is pretty cool....but the crowds...oh, the crowds!  I would rather go when the aquarium first  opens and leave an hour later.  I can't stand how tight it is in there! But oh well!  It was nice to see that the penguins were there and hadn't eaten any of their trainers....yet.  ha-ha!

Before we went the aquarium we stopped off in Fanuel Hall. And I can't just pass through there and not get something to eat. I mean, I have very little willpower when it comes to that great way filled with every food imaginable! So we got some goodies. :)

This sugar rush may have accounted for my children bouncing off of couches later in the night but I plead the fifth....

Just a little photo shoot while waiting for our friends. :)

This is Cole forcing a smile. Lesson learned. From now on I don't tell Cole to smile. :)

Oh, how I just love the turtles!  Cole shares my love with them. :)

Back at the house, playing and having a wonderful dinner.

This photo is cropped for a reason. While the adults were enjoying dinner and laughing up a storm, the kids decided to take off their pants, throw all of the couch cushions on the floor and jump off the couch to said cushions.  Don't ask. We didn't and they had a blast. : )

But finally they settled down to watch a movie before bed time.  We all had a lot of fun.  
Robyn and Erich may move up to NH soon and I couldn't be more thrilled!!!!


Katrina said...

They look so cute cuddled up together under the blanket!

I've also learned with Aidyn it's usually best not to ask. :)

Amanda said...

I was wondering what a No Pants Party was when I saw it on Brendan's FB ! :) Looks like a great time.

I share your feelings about the aquarium. The kids love it, and I do love seeing the penguins, but the last few times we have gone, I have had to leave. It is so tight in there it gives me anxiety...

Lisa said...

What are they in college?! No pants! HAHA!

I also share your feelings of the aquarium.. It is nice for a short amount of time, but fighting your way to the tanks to get a glimpse is worth your life! especially if you are only 3 feet tall! That and the price for tickets AND parking is a small fortune!