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Monsters and other horrible things

Lately Charlotte has been telling us in a very soft voice, "Monster coming" or "Bear coming" or today it was "Tiger coming".  I think she really believes it! We often hide in the tent pretending to be safe from the monsters/bears/tigers and then I laugh and say, "just kidding, no monsters!"  I don't know where she picked up this fear but so far it just seems to be part of her ability to pretend.  I'm hoping it doesn't manifest itself into much more!

On a different note, the hurricane like wind and rain that blew through here last week was terrifying to me much the same that a child would have been scared of monsters.  When I was standing outside helping Brendan with the generator at 11pm with the wind and the trees snapping  I prayed and I prayed to keep my family safe.  But enough of these natural disasters have happened around this world lately for me to start being serious about being ready should something like an earthquake occur around here.  This weekend I'm creating an emergency kit like the suggestion on in case.

I think the idea of monsters and such scare children because they are unknown and frightening and out of their control.  I know how they feel. :)

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Lisa said...

Those pictures of Charlotte popping out of the tent are so cute! I hope my kids didn't set her off! They are constantly yelling something about a monster, bear, jaguar, tiger, etc. coming.. and running away yelling!

Cole has been getting out of bed scared of monsters lately as well.. I told him that monsters are only in books, apparently he liked what he heard because he told Rob what I told him and we haven't had a problem since! So if it becomes a problem, perhaps you can try that!