Super Sevins


Good {dirty} fun

I'm a big fan of a nice, clean, well-manicured yard.  It's a thing of beauty.  Yup, I sure do wish I had a yard like that! :)    Yard work and upkeep has been a learning experience for Brendan and I and I think this year we are finally getting the hang of it.  For starters we have finally removed the last remnants of what was a beautiful flowerbed.  This area spanned the entire side yard and the previous owners (retirees, I might add) kept it pristine.  We don't have the time to take care of it so we have dug it up and replaced it with grass.  More room to play!

Ahem.... Brendan insisted on taking a photo with the axe.  No comment.

Cole loved to help dig up the weeds! He was so proud of himself!

And, we found a worm. Shhh, I think it was dead!

Charlotte was just a goof and provided us entertainment while we worked!


Katrina said...

You guys are good! I avoid helping with yard work at all costs haha. I love the picture of Cole holding the {poor dead} worm. Gorgeous pictures!

Lisa said...

Ahhh... yard work. who needs it?! Definite low maintainance beds are my thing! which equals more time to play! You guys are ahead of the game! Hopefully April will be full of beautiful sunshine so you can reap the benefits!

I love the picture of Cole's worm!!