Super Sevins



What a wonderful Easter!  We spent this Easter at Brendan's parents and it was just such a great day.  Family, fun, chocolate, and wonderful weather.  I couldn't ask for more!

We took lots of Easter photos before the kids begged to get out of their Easter get-ups but I think this one was one of my favorites. However, I apparently did not get the memo that I was supposed to wear green this Easter. :)   By the way, you can see Charlotte fell on the driveway a couple days before and got a lovely fat lip in time for Easter photos! Oh well....stories to tell later on! 

We all attended a local church for Easter service.  The pastor of this church is fantastic. His sermons are so passionate.  "We are not  part of the darkness of this world... Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Light!"  Thank the Lord!!

But first, we woke up and the Easter bunny had left a trail of chocolates leading to the Easter baskets!

But, wait!  It's the end of the trail for Cole! Where could his basket be?

After several moments of thinking and looking, he found it! 

And then we all ate lots of chocolate! And I mean LOTS!

This picture makes me smile because I was just snapping away and Cole, knowing my penchant for photo taking, just posed away for me. : )

And then the rest of the family arrived! (Minus Amanda..who we missed!) 

When Uncle Ethan and Uncle Damien are around...there's always football and there's always tackling. The kids LOVE it!

I wish I knew what Aidyn and Olivia were looking at and talking about. It was adorable. There they were for several minutes just (seemingly) chatting away.

Katrina and I took the kids for a walk around the neighborhood! Cole rode his bike and Cameron held on and they chatted. It was adorable.   We took our time and just enjoyed the walk...but I guess we took too long because Uncle Damien was sent out to search and rescue us! Ha-ha!

There are no words to say how much I love this photo!  I actually think it looks like a Gymboree or GapKids ad or something...they are all just so darn cute!

And then we had an Easter egg hunt! It was crazy....80 eggs or something and it was over in 15 minutes!

Charlotte just trotted around the house....

The the kids were sat down to wait for another surprise! Cole was saying "What could it be? Let me think..." Too funny!

Bubbles! Endless entertainment!

See what I mean? The kids later played with and tackled Uncle Damien. 

And Cole and Charlotte fell asleep on the way home...about 6pm!  What a great day!


Amanda said...

Looks like I missed a ton of excitement! I love that one of Olivia and Aidyn. I'm so happy that the kids are all finding friendships in each other!

Lisa said...

Love it! Looks like a great day! I absolutely love the picture of the 5 kids with their bakets! It is a good one to frame! They are all just so happy!