Super Sevins


Just a walk

A walk around our neighborhood is one of my favorite things to do after dinner.  Lately I have to convince Cole since he often wants to play hockey and not much else.  But once we get him on the walk he has just as much fun as the rest of us.  Lately he's been wanting to bring his Spiderman scooter (not the Radio Flyer one...that's apparently not as cool as Spidy. He's passed the Radio Flyer one to Charlotte who's happy to take it!).  I always bring the wagon too, knowing that he or Charlotte will get tired and want a ride. And I'm not carrying anyone around the block!  On our walk last night Cole and Charlotte took turns pulling the wagon (Brendan carried the Spidy scooter!) and pulling each other. 

Do you know...I actually prefer taking photos on cloudy days?!  I love the shine of the rain on the ground and the absence of shadows and glare.  I love taking photos on cloudy days, but I enjoy taking walks in the sunshine a million times more! :)


Katrina said...

They look so cute in their rain gear.
Good idea bringing the wagon! If only we had that the other day. :)

Lisa said...

Love it! It is especially funny because our Cole has the same boots as your Cole... Cole twins!

Isn't it funny how kids love to pull wagons, push strollers, etc?!