Super Sevins


Puddles AKA What we do for fun around these parts

What to do on a hot sunny night in April? What to do? What TO do?  Go jump in puddles on and at the end of the neighbor's driveway! Yes!

Charlotte immediately decided to take off her shoes and start jumping. I'm afraid she instigated poor Cole R to do the same. :)  Puddles and mud= dirty little girl!  Ok, dirty, HAPPY little girl!

Ok, David Blaine wannabe. Stop levitating right now! You're freaking me out.

A giant puddle! Yes! Fishing with hockey sticks! Awesome!

Me: "Charlotte, yuck! Get out of there!"
Me: "Ok, wait, let me take a picture first."
priorities, ya know?!


Amanda said...

That's not a puddle, that's a lake, ha ha :) Love the levitation photo. Freaks me out a little too!

Lisa said...

Wow it does look much larger than it was in pictures! Or maybe I am just in denial! Some day we'll get a new driveway.. but what fun would that be?

Amanda said...

Oh no, Lisa! I was totally kidding :) It is a large puddle, but I have seen worse! I say leave it until the kids are old enough to help put in a new driveway.