Super Sevins


Flower shots

The sky was really that blue. No editing done here.  Amazing. I think 3 rooms in my house boast pictures of these flowers. Obsessed much, Kelly?

Cole found some delightful flowers of his own (my adjective, not his!).  He also found some dandelions. I can't call them weeds. They represent so much beauty still.  They are beautiful flowers....better served in a vase in my house and not in my yard...but beautiful nonetheless!

Awww, a gift for me? Thank you!  (see what I mean about beauty?)

Cole, ahem, how do I say this? Could you please be less fierce when forcing a smile that Mommy is asking you to wear for the sake of the photos?  

So cute, but Cole could you loosen that smile up just a little? Maybe relax that brow?

"Hey Baby, how about a flower? Yeah...I know I'm awesome.....How's that for loose Momma?"
(at least that's what I thought Cole could have been saying when I saw this picture this evening!)

Yeah...I'd say he's a charmer.  He's got my heart anyway! Thanks for the beauty Cole!


Lisa said...

Aww! Such sweet photos of Cole! He's such a sport sitting still AND smiling for you! Could he please talk to my children? They are all less than cooperative

Katrina said...

Haha! Cole is a charmer. I love your commentary.